Decofame: Wooden Door Frames Manufacturers in Bangalore

Decofame is one of the biggest wooden door frames manufacturers in Bangalore. The frames produced by Decofame are suitable for everyone and almost in every aspect. In fact, despite being a new firm Decofame’s has gained quite a lot of popularity in Bangalore for their high-quality WPC products.

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What are WPC materials?

If you’re wondering what’s so special about our Door Frames? Then, the answer would be that they are produced using WPC Material. WPC materials are not used by many wooden door frames manufacturers in Bangalore. It stands for Wood-Plastic Composites, they are those composites materials that are made from wood and thermoplastics. Such as polythene, polylactic acid, or polyvinyl chloride.

These materials are applicable in various buildings & construction products like Door Shutter, Door Frames, Window Profiles, WPC Boards, etc.

WPC Products are gaining popularity in the building material industry because of their eco-friendly nature, cost & time-saving. And, Various other benefits in comparison to Plywoods and FRP products.

What is a Door Frame?

Door Frames are the entire framework that supports the door and its movements. The primary job of a door frame is to provide the door with a seal all around it and to help them function smoothly. They are also known as Door Sash.

Most of the time, the interior and exterior door frames have different properties. Because the frame used in the exterior has to face Indian climatic conditions and other elements.

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Different Parts of a Door Frame:

  1. Sill
  2. Head Jambs
  3. Door Jambs
  4. Horn
  5. Threshold
  6. Sidelight
  7. Transform

Benefits of Having WPC Door Frames

1. High-Quality Products:

WPC Door Frames are considered best in quality thanks to their perfect blend of high-quality materials like foaming agents, stabilizing agents, modifiers. Other such elements are blend into a strict mixing ratio.

That’s the reason the building material industry is moving from FRP doors (Fiber Reinforced Plastic doors) towards WPC doors since FRP Doors use various harmful chemicals.

2. Best Choice for Environment:

WPC door frames are environment-friendly because they are manufactured using recycled plastics and scrap wood.

Thus, reducing waste and leading to a greener environment.

3. Aesthetic Appearance:

WPC door comes with a variety of exquisite surface designs and a seamless smooth finish. The surface treatment can also be designed according to the aesthetic preferences of the customer.

Surface treatment of WPC doors is done using CNC machines, polishing, and pasting of laminated/veneer, etc.

In the case of WPC, painting is not required since it already comes in standard beige colors. Although, WPC materials are 100% paintable in nature it is recommended to use the right quality of paints.

4. Carpenter Friendly:

The work of a carpenter can often be a daunting task. But carpenters with their existing tools can work with WPC doors comfortably.

These doors can be installed easily by them without requiring any extra knowledge or tool.

5. No loosening of Screw:

If you are using high-density materials, you don’t have to worry about screws loosening out as the grips of screws are quite strong.

6. Long-Lasting Product:

These doors can last lifelong. Once installed, they usually don’t need extra maintenance like staining, painting and oiling. And can easily sustain through India’s climate conditions, water, fire, and other chemicals.

High-end surface treatments make them highly durable. WPC Door Frames are 100% termite-free property which makes them long-lasting.

7. Fire-Resistant:

Unlike plywood materials, WPC doors frames are highly fire-resistant. Plywoods are highly sensitive to fir and can waist burn with flames.

Thus, WPC door frames are preferred more while furnishing a fire-prone area as they don’t ignite the fire when touched.

8. Cost Saving:

Considering the benefits offered by these door frames, they are highly cost-saving products.

You don’t have to spend any extra penny on laminates or veneers. They don’t require maintenance. It’s like a one-time payment thing. Just install and forget.

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