FRP Doors

FRP stands for ‘Fibre Reinforced Polymer’ a material made from a polymer resin, which is reinforced by chopped strand mat glass fibres to form a FRP laminate. It is a very popular composite material to use because not only is it very strong but also surprisingly light. Benefits of FRP Doors They’re light, require very little maintenance, have a high resistance to denting, warping, bowing, twisting, splitting, peeling, flaking, cracking and fading, making them extremely durable. FRP doors can be used across a wide variety of areas but are ideally suited to areas requiring maximum hygiene, cleanability and durability. This makes them particularly suited for bathroom and bedroom and utilities FRP doors are extremely strong and durable, yet light and easy to operate. The built-in colour of our doors is aesthetically pleasing and requires no maintenance. Also it is available in customised sized with no. Of design and colour . Warranty for FRP material is for 10 years . All Accessories( Hinges, Handle and baby latch ) are of SS material having one year warranty. Painting warranty is also for one year. It can be repainted, repolished if required.